The thought of sharing your story, even anonymously, might seem terrifying. I know. You may be worried about what you’re “allowed” to say, if what your marriage went through was “normal”, or if someone will judge you or your spouse (even though all submissions are anonymous).

But do you remember what it was like when you were right smack dab in the depths of your own previous crappy marriage situation?? When it seemed like your relationship had crumbled right before your eyes. When you wondered if any other marriage had gone through what you were going though before. And most importantly, if any other marriage had survived in spite of how insurmountable your problems felt at the time?

What if at that really difficult time in your marriage, you’d been able to read stories of other marriages who’d gone through the same thing as you? Would it have helped you feel less alone? Would it have made your then seemingly impossible situation seem a little less insurmountable? Would it have give you some hope? 

It might not be easy to talk about many of the things that have happened in our marriages, even in an anonymous forum like marriage-irl. But:

We need to share our stories.

We need to be honest about marriage, about the good times and the bad times, yes. But ESPECIALLY about the good times that come again after the bad times. 

If you’re willing, I encourage you to consider sharing your story. To help others in their own marriages who are right now facing the same thing you went through. To let others know that they’re not alone, just as you wished that someone would’ve let you know that you weren’t alone either. 


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