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Where Do I Go To Submit a Marriage Survival Story?


Am I Required To Give My Name/Email/Any Other Info In Order To Submit a Story?
No. The submission form doesn’t even have a place for them. All you will be asked for in order to submit your story is:
1) a title for our story,
2) your story, and
3) a topic or two that your story fits under.


Is This Only For Marriage Success Stories? If We Ended Up Divorcing/Separating, Can I Still Submit a Story?
Possibly. The current plan for marriage-irl is to be a collection of stories about marriages that have survived difficult times. However, I recognize that some spouses, despite their best effort, are abandoned or forced into divorce, and that there are other extreme situations where divorce/separation is necessary for a spouse’s physical safety. I believe that these stories are just as valuable to our current conversation on the culture of marriage. It’s my hope that through these not-so-happily-ever-after stories, perhaps future couples can recognize destructive behaviors and traits sooner in their own relationships, get help and tools for them earlier, and possibly save their long-term marriage relationship. 

However, I’m still working on a way to best incorporate stories of divorce/separation into the structure of marriage-irl. If you have a non-successful marriage story that you’d like to share, please feel free to submit it and thank you for your willingness to share. I’m holding on to these stories for right now and plan to publish them at a future date. 


As Soon As I Hit Submit, Will My Story Immediately Go Live On the Site?
No. All stories will be reviewed first to make sure there’s no personally identifying information in it before publishing.


Will You Edit Or Change What I’ve Written?
It’s my intention to keep marriage-irl as authentic as possible and collect stories written in the words of their storytellers. The only cases where a story may be minimally edited is to remove identifying information. Or possibly extremely explicit language. Again, my intention is to preserve authenticity, so I will only minimally edit if absolutely necessary.


I Posted My Story Awhile Ago, But Don’t See It Published?
Most likely, I have not had a chance to review it yet (I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3 young kids and running this site in my spare time), but there’s a less likely possibly there was another issue (it was overly libelous/slanderous, too much personal identifying information, technical issue, incomprehensible, etc). If it’s been a significant amount of time, more than a week or so, and the story has still not been published, you can either re-submit it, or you’re welcome to email me at and I will look into it.


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