Hi, I’m Ronni. In 2014 I began blogging at The Screenwriter’s Wife. Though I considered myself primarily a lifestyle blog and blogged about both marriage and parenting, I felt the most drawn to cover marriage topics. Especially heavy marriage topics that it seemed like no one else was addressing.

Over the past few years, since making it public with my blog that I was an open person to confide in about marriage issues, I’ve somehow had the privilege of being a confident to many (both through my blog and in real life). I’ve heard a lot. And I’ve come to realize that what many couples think they are alone in facing – they aren’t. There’s lots and lots of other married couples out there who have been through similar things.

There just hasn’t been a way for anyone to share the truth.

Understandably, we value privacy in our marriages. We don’t want others we know to look down on us, or our spouses, so we don’t talk about the things that have happened. We believe the (what I personally believe to be ill-conceived) mantra of “Never talk negative about your spouse. To anyone. Ever.” And so we hide the truth.

And while it might be a good decision for your individual marriage to keep things quiet – it ends up hurting the culture of marriage as a whole.

Because were all walking around blindly. We see other people’s marriages on the outside, but we don’t really don’t what’s going on inside them. We don’t know if what’s going on in our marriage is “normal”.

That’s where this site comes in.

Marriage – In Real Life
or marriage-irl for short

It’s a place to anonymously collect stories of marriage survival. To acknowledge that we’re not alone in our marriage struggle. And that if others have gotten thorough whatever we’re going through, so can you.


This site is in its’ VERY beginning stages right now, but I’ll be building it up over the new few weeks/months. Other than just marriage stories, it will also turn into a membership site with a community support feature and access to marriage counselors.

I’m dreaming big here, guys.

But somehow, everything is coming together extremely easily, as though it’s the thing I’ve meant to do all along.

The anonymous marriage story submission page is open now. You’re welcome to share your story of marriage survival through the though times.

However, if you’d like to sign up to receive updates on when the entire site will be live, including the community support feature, please use the interest list signup below: