Welcome to marriage-irl (marriage-in real life). Real life stories about when for better comes after for worse.

Marriage is hard. We’ve all heard this right?

Couples often enter into marriage thinking that sure, they’ll have some minor disagreements. But then the years pass and life happens — and when the REALLY hard times hit? Most couples are woefully unprepared to handle them.

Some couples, having never heard of another marriage surviving in their particular case, assume that that their issues are insurmountable. They end their marriage, not knowing what else to do.

Couples that choose to stay together and work things out are often encouraged to not talk about their marriage issues outside their marriage. One of the most popular pieces of marriage advice is: “Don’t talk negative about your spouse to anyone ever”. 

While this privacy is beneficial for the individual couple…keeping these things a secret only hurts the entire culture of marriage as a whole.

We need to share our stories.
But we also need to respect the privacy of our ourselves and our spouses.

And that’s why marriage-irl was created.

To be that safe spot.
Where people can share their stories.
Where we can be honest about things that have really happened…and how a marriage has survived through it.
So we can show to others currently suffering that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.
That divorce doesn’t always have to be the only way.

If you have a marriage survival story, I encourage you to consider sharing it anonymously. If you need more encouragement, see Why Share My Story? here.

Or, if you’re ready now to help other people in their marriages:


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